Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Heart Candles

So it's getting cooler outside, and I'm in the mood for a new candle.  For some reason colder weather just makes me crave yummy smells in my house.  I figure, if I can't bake something and create those aromas on my own, I better hunt down some manufactured scents out there somewhere.  Anyway, I found a candle today at the local superstore-slash-lumberyard, Menard's.  It fit my candle criteria perfectly:

1) Smells good

2) Cheap!

$3.34 for a jar candle works in my budget.  BUT, what sealed the deal was the enticing description on the label.  "Cranberry, cinnamon & clove - with an exciting splash of ripened apple."  Imagine that - an exciting splash of apple!!  So right there, in the middle of the Halloween/candle/doormat aisle, I entered a dream-like trance, envisioning all the hard work that must have gone into this awesome candle.  I pictured the candle makers, chubby little men (almost Oompa-Loompa-ish) still sweaty after sprinting back to the candle factory from the orchard out back...baskets overflowing...rushing in to chop up their apples...and with an excited gleam in their eyes, adding the juice (just a splash) to the already delightful candles.  All of this for only $3.34!!

Maybe I read too far into product labeling, do you think?  Maybe I have a very strange imagination (yes, definitely!)  But being an advertising/marketing type person, I have to say...someone in the candle marketing department certainly earned their gold star today!


  1. Your post reminded me of another blog I read. You should check out her post today No I don't know her! :)

    I like candles, but I never buy them or light them. Maybe it is because of my 3 little children might start a fire!

  2. Ok, this is weird check out this blog post from today: Is there a candle theme today?!

  3. I guess you didn't check your calendar today to see that it is National Candle Day, huh? JK! It's not. But very weird theme going on in blog-land, huh?

  4. Didn't you have a coupon for it? :-)