Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Countdown to Race Day

Every fall our family signs up to do a local race.  Every year I take the easy out and sign up for the shortest possible race, the half mile.  That's right, half mile.  It's like the equivalent of running around my house a few times.  It is the race for lazy people and 5-year-olds.  I've told myself in the past that since I have a younger child who can't do a longer race, I need to sign up for the short one with her.  I'm just doing my parently duty.  But I'll admit it, there were times I had to slow to a walk on that long trek and catch my breath.  So this summer, when my sister suggested we do a "couch-to-5k" training program, it sounded just my speed and I thought I'd give it a try.   I'm glad to say, I really did stick to the program.  (Thanks mostly to Netflix and 30 Rock - I can stay on the treadmill for hours as long as I'm entertained!)  I have gradually worked my way up to running 3 miles at a time.  Just the thought of doing that a few months ago would have winded me!  My son will be running with me for this race (he already has a few 5k's under his belt) and I have to say that I'm not sure he'll be able to keep up!


  1. I am glad you finally started a blog! Is it going to be an open blog or invite only?
    I am impressed that you stuck to the Couch to 5K plan, I wish I would have started doing it, maybe this spring. Too bad that I don't have a treadmill!

  2. The treadmill DEFINITELY helped. I'm not sure I would have stuck with it outdoors!