Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Festive 4th of July Wreath

I'll just start off by saying...don't even remind me how LONG it's been since my last post! I have finally admitted to myself that the blog is taking a back seat to other things in life right now. And I'm ok with that! Also my craft projects have been few & far between lately. I guess it's just not "craft season" around's too nice outside. So once the snow starts flying, watch out!

This 4th of July wreath isn't exactly the plan I had in mind when I first started the project. But the longer my supplies sat on the table and the closer it got to July, I decided to go with Plan B.

The new supplies were simple: 

Styrofoam wreath

Red, White & Blue garland


And even simpler to assemble:

Wrap garland around the wreath. The most difficult part was spacing it out evenly since it would have been nice to have about one more foot of garland. But it is fluffy enough to cover the gaps :)  Then just staple the ends to the wreath, and that's it! The whole thing is held together with 4 staples, so I guess I could even take it apart and use for another holiday later on!

Have a great 4th of July everyone!!

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