Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skirting the Issue

If you read my Dresser Makeover/April Fool's Day Post, you know that I recently went furniture shopping.  We were in Omaha a few weeks ago & visited the marvelous place known as Nebraska Furniture Mart. Thank you, Mrs. B & Warren Buffet!

In addition to my wonderful new dresser, I also picked out this headboard/footboard combo for our bed. In almost 20 years of marriage, we have never had a "real" headboard or footboard on our bed. Just a plain old boring mattress pushed up against the wall.

I really like it a LOT! But I do have one minor problem. It has fairly low side boards, so I didn't put on a bed skirt, which I'm fine with. The comforter hangs down on the sides and you can see the wood which is very pretty. At least I think it is. 

The end of the bed, however, is where the dilemma comes in.

As you see (indicated by the big yellow arrow) at the end of the bed, there's a nice view of my box spring. It's ugly. (And even more noticeable in person). I would really like to figure out a way to fix this, but I'm not sure what to do.

I've thought about putting on a coordinating fitted sheet (probably the easiest) but I'm not sure if that would still look funny.  Or I could make some kind of half bedskirt (or technically I guess it would be a one-third bedskirt) or maybe just chop up my existing skirt & put it on the end of the bed...?

Since we've always been footboard-less, I've never had this problem before. Any suggestions?

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  1. Land's End used to make a cover for box springs. Or if your old bedskirt has corners that are made to accomodate bed frames just put it on the box springs, fold the sides up and let the bottom hang to cover the end of the box springs that is showing. You won't have to do any sewing or tearing apart :-)