Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinterest...Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Recently I found some GREAT ideas on Pinterest that I tried out at home. One was a definite winner, and the other one, not so much!

The first idea I found was definitely a "Thumbs Up!" I had a ton of green onions in my garden this summer, and although I love to use them in a lot of different recipes, I knew I would never go through all of them before they froze out in the garden or wilted away in the house. So, I was very excited to find this little tip!

Wash & cut up your green onions:

I added another step and spread them out on a cookie sheet, then popped them in the freezer overnight. They were easier to work with and didn't stick together in a big clump.

Next, I put them into a clean, empty water bottle:

Put them back in the freezer, and just pour out the amount you need for your recipe! How easy is that?! I now have 3 bottles full of onions ready to use this winter!

Now, on to the "Thumbs Down" pin...

I had SUCH high hopes for this one....I went back to the blog it came from & read through all the comments raving about this cleaning tip, then ran right out to get some Barkeeper's Friend of my own...

So the tip was a magical way to get rid of scratches on dishes. All you had to do was scrub with Barkeeper's Friend liquid. The picture in the pin even looked just like MY dishes, which I believe are from the "White & Gray Scratchy" Pfaltzgraff collection. They are soooo bad that it's really kind of embarrassing to have people over to eat!

And after scrubbing with BKF:

Amazing, right? They're like brand new dishes! But wait, there's is a picture one meal after BKF...

Not completely scratch-filled like it was before, but not perfectly white either. :(  I'm not sure what to do now - I only cleaned a few plates just to try it out, so I guess I could do them all once and gradually let the scratches build up again, then break out the BKF for another round of cleaning. Or I could just ignore it like I was before & use paper plates when we have a crowd over! I have been checking out some Fiesta Ware lately, so maybe now is the time to make the change! Either way, I think I'll stay away from white dishes from now on!


  1. If you go with the Fiesta Ware be sure to register it online so we'll know what you want :-)

  2. That is a good idea about the onions! Want to share a bottle? :)

    1. I think I have enough to share! You will have to come and get it though :)