Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wreaths Everywhere

I have been seeing so many cute wreaths on Pinterest lately (I even made a new board for wreaths only!) and although I already have two fall wreaths on display at home, there are so many NEW ones that I want to make for Christmas decorating. I know one will go on my front door, and I just decided my dining room mirror looks a little bare & I need to put one there! I know I'll be searching the house for even more places to sneak them in. Here are some of my Pinterest inspirations...

Yarn wreath with felt flowers - think this will be my Dining Room Wreath...

Grapevine wreath with felt flowers - front door?...

Ball ornament wreath - I'm picturing a smaller version of this in pink on Ginny's bedroom door:

This one in the kitchen? It would smell SO GOOD!

I like this one...but how heavy would that be? The bonus is we could eat it after Christmas! (But hold the peanuts!)

Now that I've gone a little "wreath crazy" I need to get started! So many great ideas to choose from!


  1. I think Ginny would love the ball wreath! Want to make one for R too?