Monday, October 3, 2011

What Cheer!

Last weekend, I was so excited to make my second trip to the What Cheer Flea Market! I went a long time ago (my now Jr. High son was with me in a stroller! This time he was plugged into the iPod!) It's this huge flea market/craft/junk sale. And when I say "junk" I don't mean it in the new trendy sense of the word, I mean real JUNK. The sale is at the county fairgrounds, and I'm pretty sure everyone in a 50 mile radius just cleared out their basement, attic, etc. and hauled it over to the fairgrounds to sell to the city folk who don't know any better. We did see some cool stuff, but really a lot of crap. I was a little disappointed. We went home with two antique license plates (my son HAD to have them); two Coca-Cola trays for my mom; a "yard art" firefly made from a lightbulb & wire; and two ceramic Herkys which I will re-paint and add to my husband's and brother-in-law's already overgrown collections of Hawkeye stuff. Oh, and a jar of homemade salsa. I think the salsa was the best deal we got.

What Cheer!!
Pretty Pink Firefly
Two Soon-to-be-Herkys (Ignore the ugly red & yellow.  We are NOT in Cyclone country!)

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