Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 8: 16 Days of Creating - Dresser Makeover

It was bound to happen, I knew it! Today I'm posting about a project I did several years ago, but I do have two good reasons:

ONE: When I started the 16 Days of Creating, I knew it would be tough. Mostly due to the time factor (Since my in-progress projects have almost run out, it's HARD to find time to make something EVERY DAY!) Also, I feel like in order for it to be blog-worthy, it should be somewhat cool, not just "Hey, look at this doodle of my dog that I drew today!"

TWO: The dresser featured today (see below) is horribly out of style and I really need some inspiration!

So here's the history...This dresser has been around for a while. It was just a plain dresser, stained a dark brown color when my mom gave it to us MANY years ago. I didn't do anything to it for about 3 years. But when I saw a magazine article (Better Homes & Gardens, I think!) with this DIY dresser project, I knew I wanted to try it. It was pretty simple, and...not to be braggy...I did get a lot of compliments on it. It looked good with the decor in our master bedroom. In the house we no longer live in. But now I'm kind of over the mauve-y floral theme. And the brass handles. Anyway...

I always feel like we don't "need" new furniture for the bedroom since it's a room that not everyone sees. Also, we just bought some new things for my daughter's room and the family room. So replacing it isn't happening anytime soon. But it's really out of place in my room and something needs to be done. The new colors in my bedroom are more like this:

Not my actual room - I didn't have time to clean up for a whole bedroom photo shoot!

Now, imagine that brown wall and greeny-blue comforter with the bright pink floral dresser. Regular readers (Mom & Sisters) you don't have to imagine! You know how hideous it is! So that's my dilemma...what would you do?

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  1. Paint it all white like the night stands in the photo - gives it sort of a beach theme look!