Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2: 16 Days of Creating - Ruffle Scarf

A while back, I saw this cute scarf in the girls section at a department store. It came with a shirt that I really didn't care for, but the scarf caught my eye. I did my usual "I could make that!" (Has anyone else ever said that before, or is it just me?) Anyway. This is a super-easy project. Here's how I did it:


Gather materials: fleece, 1/8" elastic, and sewing machine. That's it!


Cut a strip of fleece about 4" wide. Mine was 54" long, but you can adjust depending on the size of your scarf-wearer! Cut 2 pieces of elastic about 10" shorter than the scarf. (Again, adjust if you want, depending on the amount of ruffle you prefer).


Divide the fleece roughly into thirds and pin the elastic on at the one-third and two-third "lines".  You could also do just 1 strip of elastic down the middle.


Sew it on and you're done! I meant to have Ginny model this, but since she was a LITTLE SLOW (please note: much sarcasm) getting ready this morning, it didn't happen.

And someday (Maybe November??) these 80-degree days in Iowa will be gone so Ginny can start wearing her new scarf!

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  1. Cute! You will have to help me make one for me, I saw one made with knit material for adults.