Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 10 & 11: 16 Days of Creating - Two For One!

Welcome back! Today I'm offering a special deal - two posts for the price of one. So exciting! (In other words - I didn't get it done on Friday!)

The first thing I worked on over the weekend was a little fall display for my dining room. If you live in Iowa and have any Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts in your house, you know all about this:

Yes, it is popcorn time. The Boy Scouts sell popcorn in these beautiful decorative tins for  their major fundraiser. Which means my garage is full of the stuff. My son is trying to sell these to friends, neighbors, family, anyone on the face of the earth. However, he can't get rid of it fast enough, and some people in our house have no self-control. So we end up eating half the inventory and have something like 25 empty popcorn tins sitting around the house. I decided there MUST be something creative I could do with them!

So...I wrapped a tin up in some brown craft paper, tied some raffia around it (I'll change this when its closer to Christmas time to something a little more festive!) and filled it with some dogwood branches from my yard. I also picked up some gold sparkly twiggy things to put with them. (Yes, that is the real name. Check Hobby Lobby and they have a special section marked "Sparkly Twiggy Things" - it's in the back by the flowers.) Anyway, the final touch was a small string of white lights in the bottom so I can light up my display at night!

I usually do some version of this in the winter time and make it more Christmas-y. I love the bright red branches.

The next project I did has been in the works for a while. It is a decoupaged pumpkin that I started about a month ago, and it didn't quite work out the way I envisioned. So it had been sitting on my craft table, mocking me every time I walked by. Imagine my excitement when I got an email from a woman at church who was organizing a "pumpkin decoupage party" last Sunday! I was only able to go for about an hour, but I had plenty of time to whip up this:

(By the way, I've discovered Piknik - who knew that taking pictures with a digital camera and making them look like they were taken in 1968 would be cool someday??!!)

Of course I had to do a cheesy 1980's "misty" version...love it!

And I promise think that I'll get caught up later today with Day 12...stay tuned!


  1. Cute! I too have had the materials to do some decoupage pumpkins, but haver yet to do anything! Maybe they will have to be more for fall than Halloween.

  2. I love the twigs in the container! Such a fun idea! And that pumpkin is super cute! You did a great job on your projects!