Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I will have to explain the name of this post later...another time.  (There is a story behind the "Ugh-A" phrase.)

Anyway, the time has come for me to do some serious cleaning around the house. Sportsfan's uncle is visiting from out of state for the weekend, and as it turns out, Faraway BFF's husband and daughter may also be staying at our house.  While I'm sure the guys don't really care all that much about household cleanliness (and will be spending most of their time at the BIG GAME on Saturday anyway), I do!  And it's not so much that our house is dirty, but just clutter-y.  

See exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

I'm not exactly sure how our basement has gotten to this state of affairs.  But, somewhere in all this clutter, Uncle is going to have to find a place to sleep.  Maybe in the mini-tent?  Or maybe in the 4-person tent that has been laying on the floor since our Labor Day camping trip?  Either way, there's a lot of work to do before Friday!  



  1. Well you know K and R will feel right at home! I told K about the uncle staying, but he thought it would be fun for R to stay with you guys too.

    Good luck with your cleaning, try not to send too much of it home with K! :)

  2. I thought that was the plan to send it home with uncle and niece! Just don't send it to the MOM.