Friday, November 5, 2010

In My Dreams!

Last night was a big night for Harry & Ginny - school conferences!  Besides Sportsfan having to get a mini-lesson in 6th grade "new math" (you know they teach it differently than they did back in the day!), it was pretty much what we expected.  Harry has come a long way since his wild kindergarten days.  His teacher reported that he has been a good leader for his younger classmates, he's (mostly) getting his assignments in on time, and is even writing without being chained to his desk and whipped.  (Bet you didn't know they still did that in public school, huh?)  He even got an A+ on his last Social Studies test, his least favorite subject.  He's doing great.

So on to Ginny's conference.  Her teacher pretty much got to the point right away..."She is a dream student."  Those were her actual words!!  Dream.  Student.  I almost fell off my tiny chair!  Is this the same girl who lives at my house?  The one I nag daily because her room is like a garbage dump?  The one who wrote me a hate letter about what an evil mom I am?  (I saved that, of course!  It's in her baby book.  I'll bring it out when she has her first child.)  Anyway, Teacher said a bunch of wonderful things about Ginny and we couldn't have been more proud.

...and I was just kidding about the whips & chains in public school, by the way.

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  1. So your saying their is hope for Ralph? I am glad to hear their conferences went well. Hopefully Ginny will contiune on the "dream student" path. :)