Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Fall Craftiness

I know when I wrote my last post, I told you I was really combining 2 posts into one. Today I thought I would share some of the mason jar crafts from the "fall craft day" I had at my house recenty.

These are some of the jars created by my friends, so I really can't take credit for them. But they are so cute!

And here are some better shots of the 2 I made (top pic & bottom middle) the other 2 were made by my crafty daughter. (Yep, I'm getting her started early!

One other thing I have to point out about today's pictures...this entire post (photo collages, too!) was done on my phone. I have a new app, PicFrame, which is great for making collages. It's so simple for non-techies like me. I don't think I ever made anything like this when using my computer. So with the new iOS 7 AND the blogger app, it's a super easy way to blog when you're on the go. (Hint, hint, to my blogger sister, now there's no excuse for not posting!)

Ok, so that I don't sound too much like an Apple commercial, it's time to go...Have a great weekend everyone!

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