Monday, December 3, 2012

Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas decorating is well underway at my's a look at my "new" dining room centerpiece.

One of my favorite blogs, Inspired by Charm, was the inspiration (hee hee) for this centerpiece. I noticed in a recent post that Michael had what looks like an old wooden tool box on his dining room table. I thought it was such a good idea, I decided to try it myself. And lucky for me, I just happen to have an antique tool box laying around the house, too! 

We picked this up at a flea market last year, and it has been sitting on my dining room floor as a "shelf" ever since. I started with the tool box and a few of my favorite decorating tree branch candlesticks (complete with battery-operated votives.) These seem to be incorporated with just about every holiday decoration at my house!

I added some garland, glitter pinecones (from a craft LAST Christmas!) and red easy! The one drawback is that it doesn't leave much room for eating. But luckily that's something we don't do too often in the dining room! (I know, weird!)

By the way, this tool box weighs A TON. As the flea market guy pointed out, whoever carried this thing around (full of tools!) must have had some killer biceps!

I think it turned out pretty well...even the husband commented on how cool it looked! :)

You can see the post that was the inspiration for my centerpiece here on Inspired by Charm. (Which is awesome, by the way!)

Happy Decorating, everyone!!

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