Friday, July 20, 2012

Patio Furniture Transformation

I'm happy to report that my "quick" project from early in the summer is FINALLY done! Once again, the summer has FLOWN by, along with my my hopes of various craft projects! I'm glad that this one is done, but my To Do list is still very long. (I'm embarrassed to say that I currently have a nice little 4th of July project sitting on my dining room table, just waiting to be finished. But that's another story!)

Anyway. Take a look at my patio chairs BEFORE...


We have patio chairs and a table that are several years old...hmm, make that at least 10 years old! This summer our house is 10 years old, and I'm pretty sure we inherited these from my parents the first summer we moved in. Since they had recently transformed their porch into a 4-seasons room, we were the lucky recipients of their patio furniture. It has seen better days - I've replaced many of the straps that hold the cushions in place, and have thought about the spray-paint idea for at least 2 summers.

Moving cover up the rust, and for a bit of a new look, I chose a completely new color of spray paint (and not that ASCP stuff either, I honestly know nothing about that craze!) I went with Rustoleum Antique Brass Metallic.

I started by sanding down the loose rusty spots on the chairs & table, and used about 1 can on each chair.  The table took almost 2 full cans. I have just a little bit left for touch-ups!

Here are some shots of the finished product:

Look who has been checking out the "new" patio furniture!

Thanks for stopping by & checking out my patio project! I'm hoping to have my cute 4th of July creation done before August! LOL!

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  1. Wow! It looks good! Can you come and do mine now? I think our is approaching the 10 year mark as well!

  2. Looks great Michelle! I know what you mean by the summer flying by and not getting projects done.

  3. Looks good - can I have it back now?

  4. The set looks great. I love rust-oleum.

    I found you and now follow you through a blog hop. Please visit me
    and do the same.

  5. That looks great! I am a big fan of spray paint!! :) I am new to your blog and became a new follower! :) Erin

  6. Oh my! Looks way better than its original state. Keep us posted with your furniture makeover ideas.

  7. Congratulations to that awesome furniture transformation! It does look good as new! Kudos!

  8. What transformation! I like the new color of your patio set. It looks expensive and classy with the gold paint. Did you change the cushions as well? I believe it would look better with mustard yellow cushions.

    Gerry Bossier