Thursday, June 7, 2012


Well, school has been out for a week now, and life is slowing down a bit. Last Friday for the kids' first day of summer break, we took a weekend trip to ADVENTURELAND (The closest thing in Iowa to Disney!) It was much more relaxing than Disney, and a lot less crowded. Over my lifetime, I've probably been there 20 times, and not a whole lot has changed. Although they do have a new "waterpark" section - which we didn't visit since it was a little chilly!

Anyway...on Sunday after returning from Adventureland, I quickly made a birthday cake for the new TEENAGER in our house (yikes!) and a batch of chocolate chip cookies for him to take to church Sunday night. Whew!

Monday night was our troop's Boy Scout Court of Honor (They do this a couple times a year to recognize boys who are moving up a rank and to award merit badges). There's always a reception afterward with cookies & drinks, which I did manage to buy a bag of Oreos for. Hey, they were Double Stuffed, and I had already reached my baking limit for the week on Sunday!

Tuesday night, the previously mentioned TEENAGER invited some friends to a movie (Men In Black III - it was pretty good!) and to sleep over at our house. Luckily I'm not a light sleeper, and I missed all the craziness that went on after about 11pm.

Last night was our one "free" night of the week, which I spent working on a new project! I'm so excited to share it...hopefully soon. It is kind of a big one, so it's taking a while to get done. BUT, if you're curious, here's a little sneak peek:

Okay, so that's a little more than a sneak peek, but I'm SO EXCITED for the finished product! Let me just say that spray paint is my new best friend!

I won't be able to work on these much tonight since Sportsfan has a meeting & I'll be taking the TEENAGER (by the way, maybe that will be my new name for him. What do you think?) to volunteer at a local event for scouts.

Tomorrow Ginny will be coming home (she is spending the week at Grandma's house) and next week will be a little busier since we'll be going to softball games again. I have to admit, it has been kind of nice skipping this week's games!

After the big "patio project" I have more painting projects in mind that I'd like to get going on. Stay tuned!

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