Friday, May 4, 2012

Flower Headbands and Fiesta!

Believe it or not, I have NOT fallen of the face of the earth! Things have been a little hectic, as springtime usually is for anyone with kids! It seems like all the sports seasons and end of the year concerts are overlapping right now. This week our family has 2 softball games, 2 soccer games, a concert, and a 5k run! When will it end? 

Anyway, the concert on Sunday is also a fundraiser for my son's church choir trip this summer. So I've been busy making headbands and putting together a gift basket for the silent auction they have. The church is always looking for a wide range of items for people to bid on, including some lower ticket items for kids. I thought these headbands were a great idea, and hopefully some people like them enough to buy them for their little girls!

I used the same technique as I did with my fall floral wreath (click here for the tutorial), which has now become my old standby for making any kind of flower crafts!

Here they are!

And some close-ups:

I also put together a Mexican "Fiesta" gift basket. After looking around on Pinterest, I thought this would be the perfect, easy basket to assemble. know...when you're NOT looking for something, you see it everywhere?? And then you go to the store looking for it later and those things are NOWHERE to be found? That's what happened to me. I had visions of cute little margarita glasses and a bright chip & dip bowl set, but none of those things materialized at the store! Here's what I finally put together.

You might remember I found a basket last winter at a thrift store. It was filled with pinecones & ribbon that I used to make a pine cone wall-hanging. Well, I still hadn't found a use for the basket, so I spray-painted it bright red and lined it with a chili pepper bandanna from Hobby Lobby. Then I filled it with some salsa, queso dip, spices, chips, a hand towel & a bowl. Here's a cell phone picture of the basket, sitting on the seat of my van because I forgot to take a picture before I dropped it off at the church! :)

It was fun putting it together, even if it didn't turn out exactly how I planned!

Now I just have to make sure I run FAST in the 5k on Sunday morning so I can get to church for the auction...can't wait to see all the other goodies!


  1. Your week-end sounds like ours...crazy! Love your headbands! Enjoy!

  2. I may have to bid on that basket!

  3. Cute headbands! Ginny is letting you sell those? :-)

    1. She did let me! She must be tired of me making them so much, I offered to let her keep one and she said no! They did all get sold though - yay!

  4. Are you sure you haven't fallen off the face of the earth?? It has been two weeks since you've posted. Seriously - I remember how busy this time of year can be. ;-)