Tuesday, March 27, 2012

eMeals for Me!

Well, actually eMeals for my whole family! Today I signed up for eMeals.com, a meal planning site that was recommended by my close personal friend, Dave Ramsey. (Who also helped me score a 15% discount on my membership, thanks Dave!)  :) 

I have been having such a hard time lately coming up with good meal ideas, and I always feel like I'm throwing something together at the last minute. I know that this is completely the wrong approach and that I probably spend more time & money at the grocery store by not planning ahead. I think that just having a plan and shopping list will help cut down on the grocery bills, and will definitely save me time!

The way it works is that meal plans are emailed to members one week at a time.  When I joined, I got last week's plan and this week's plan. My next one should come out tomorrow, so already I have PLENTY of meal ideas! Members also get a weekly shopping list. Do your shopping once a week and fuggit-abowdit!

I signed up for the Family Natural/Organic plan, which is supposed to focus on recipes that are a little healthier. Sounds good to me! eMeals even does plans specific to a certain store (Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Kroeger, Ralphs, etc...none of which are near me!) but not to worry...I'm pretty sure I can get most of what I need at my local grocery stores. And it will be gardening season soon, so that's a plus! 

I will try to update soon on how the plan is going. I'm excited...and hungry! :)


  1. Good luck with the new meal plan Michelle. Healthy eating is good.

  2. Oh I like that..let us know how it works. thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment, I love your blog, I am a follower.