Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Tour


Since I've been a little overwhelmed with getting ready for Christmas (I'm pretty sure this year is the slowest I've been for a LONG time!) I thought I'd do a quick "Christmas tour" of our house. This isn't everything - I have a really hard time getting a good picture of the tree! So...minus the tree, here are a few of my favorite Christmas things.....

Our Mantel

Collection of homemade Christmas pillows

Wooden JOY letters from last year - you can see the post HERE

Eat Sleep Craft ornament I made for my crafty sister (Hope she's not reading this today!)

"Long Santa"

The little tree inside our front door (this one is easy to photograph!)

Snow Village Houses

More Snow Village Houses

Snow Village House & Daughter's Nutcracker collection

Snow Village "Graceland" (Did I mention we have a bit of a Snow Village addiction at our house?)

I promise the Snow Village train is the last one! (With Daughter's art project peeking out behind!)

Little button tree ornament made by my son when he was about 4!

Christmas Wine - See my post about printable labels HERE

I also made some new treats this year - all of these are super easy and I'll share the recipes next week.

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

Homemade "Thin Mints"

Rolo Truffles

Everything smelled sooo good when we were baking - someone couldn't wait to get one!

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

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  1. Everything looks so nice! Love the picture of Jack trying to sneak a cookie! Although I am your sister, and reading it today, I don't think I am the crafty one! Lol!