Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowflake Tray

I decided this year that my color "theme" for Christmas would be silver and red. I really liked the silver & red wreath I made earlier this month, so I decided to go with it. And then......I remembered I have two kids who make numerous Christmas crafts at school, church, Grandma's house......SO, we'll go with the silver and red theme as much as we can. Because, really, who can resist displaying a homemade pipe cleaner wreath or a nativity set made out of macaroni? 

So my second silver & red "themed" project for this season was a serving tray. I picked this up at Goodwill for a dollar in October while looking for Halloween supplies:

It was in great condition, and is really a great piece of wood (I usually prefer the natural wood look over painted, but in this case, I had an idea already in mind). 

I started by taking off the handles, and spray painting the whole thing silver:

(I also painted that basket underneath silver - not sure what I'll use it for yet!)

After the paint dried, I took a snowflake pattern (printed off a Google image search & cut out of paper - Hey, anyone out there with a Silhouette giveaway going on? I could REALLY use one of those things!)

Next I traced the snowflake outline onto the tray, and hand painted it with "Santa Red" acrylic paint. When that was dry, I sprayed over the whole thing with an acrylic gloss. Finally, the handles went back on and it was DONE!

I think it will be a great way to serve treats or just put on display this Christmas season - you know, with the "Silver and Red" theme party going on at my house!


  1. Oh my gosh, you have a winner here. So stunning!
    Yes I'd love to have a Silhouette as well - they are the best machine out there for crafting.
    Thanks for linking up to Make the Scene Monday!

  2. Very nice! Silver and red compliment each other so nicely. Thanks for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! ~Jen @

  3. Very pretty! Do I see some decorations out already? Or was that just staged? ;)

  4. I'm slowly getting things out. It's still early, but I do have a few things! (The tree was kind of staged - that's not where it will end up for the whole Xmas season!)

  5. I love a good upcycling project from Goodwill! Last year my color scheme was red and gold, so I was thinking of red and silver this year as well. I am hosting a Christmas Spirit link party over at I would love it if you stopped by and linked up!

  6. You did a very good job! Sometimes the simplest things can make the greatest decorations.

  7. Love to recycle much fun to turn things into art...

  8. I love how sweet and simple this is! Thank you so much for linking up and for the inspiration!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy