Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 13: 16 Days of Creating - Recipe Binder

I really don't feel like today's feature is very creative...But it is something I desperately needed to do. So we'll just call it..."creative organizing!" 

I used to have a shelf in my kitchen full of this:

Pages and pages of recipes I printed off the internet or copied from a friend. This picture was even taken AFTER I sorted through and got rid of the ones with a 52-item ingredient list that I was delusional enough to think I'd make "someday"!

I also have a binder that was maybe 1/4 full of recipes from my now-nonexistent "Freezer Club." Freezer Club was fun while it lasted - we would meet about once a month and swap meals that everyone made up ahead of time. Each participant went home with anywhere from 6-12 meals to put away in their freezer. The rest of the night we sat around and talked, ate, drank and had fun! But sadly, Freezer Club is no I changed the label on my binder to say "Freezer Meals & More" (so catchy, AND accurate!)

Then I three-hole punched everything and made a few divider pages:

I have to say, it was a BIG relief to get my things a little more organized. Whew!

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  1. Very cool! I love a good organizing session! I was just poking around in the stats section of my blog and noticed I was getting traffic from your blog. Thanks for putting my blog in your "Blogs I'm Crazy About" section, that's great! Jen @