Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pearl & Flower Necklace

Here is the first of my recent crafty projects. I actually did this in late August & wore my new creation to a wedding. I was lucky enough to find the necklace ($1) and fabric (2 cents!) at a second-hand store. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the whole "creative process" (It was a last-minute thing I made on the day of the wedding!) But my next project will have a tutorial if you're interested in the how-to behind everything.

And a peek at my outfit:

Oh! Best of all, the pictures of the necklace were taken with it sitting on top of my super-cool "tool shelf" that I got over Labor Day at a flea market. It is an old tool box, but I'm picturing it on my wall as a shelf. (Imagine hauling that thing around all day FULL of tools!)

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