Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer's Top Five

I have to admit, I'm stealing this topic from another blog I read. I thought it was a cool idea for a post, and I hope the original blogger feels honored to be duplicated! Anyway, I'm sure my favorite things about summer are different, so on with the list. 

I will list my top 5 in reverse order to build suspense. I just KNOW you're on the edge of your seat! :)

5) Parades. Only a couple weeks until the 4th of July parade. We are lucky to enjoy this one in the comfort of our friends' front yard. One of the best seats in town!

4) Baseball and softball games. Both my kids play now, and I really enjoy going out to the ballpark to watch them. They don't always win, but it's always entertaining! Especially when the coaches and ump start arguing and the ump storms off the field threatening to quit...oh, wait - that's another story.

3) Summer Nights, baby. Sounds like a song title, huh? (Yeah. I think it is!) :) Sitting outside on a warm summer night is the best. As long as there aren't too many bugs!

2) Swimming Pools. As a former swimmer, I spent many summer days perfecting my "chlorine sheen" hair color (also known as "chlorine green"!) Although I don't wish for that shiny, straw-textured hair again anytime soon, I still love going to the pool.

1) FLIP FLOPS!!  In my day, we called them thongs. That takes on a whole new meaning now. But I am referring the the variety you wear on your feet. I would wear them year-round if I lived somewhere warm. Like not Iowa. :)

So there you go. What are your favorite things about summer?


  1. I like your new background, very patriotic! :) I like not having to bundle 3 kids up to go to the car, summer nights, ice cream (it is the best in the summer!) and that all my teacher friends are home in the summer!

  2. Feeling honored (I think it's me:). I love the freedom the best - no set schedule to chase off with each day.... Ahhhhhh!
    Hope your Disney planning is going great, let me know if you have any questions.

  3. 5) Fireflies
    4) Corn on the cob
    3) My Flower garden
    2) Sitting on my back proch
    1)The SUN