Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nook Madness!

I have to apologize for my latest absence. Aside from the never-ending "To Do" list that is my life, I am now the proud owner of a Barnes & Noble Nook, which is consuming my evening free time. I didn't realize I even wanted one of these until Sportsfan went to the mall in search of the perfect birthday gift for me, and bumped into the Nook display at B&N. I'm sure it was the first store he walked into. He's the king of easy shopping, by the way.

Anyway, the Nook is GREAT! I think B&N has something like a million titles available for download.  BUT, so far my favorite thing is my local library. They have eBooks for checkout - not a million - but somewhere around two thousand. Good enough. The awesome part is I don't have to step foot in the library, be put on a waiting list, risk a late fee, or search for parking (yeah, there's a shortage of that near our public library!) It's instant reading, folks!

It also has internet access, so I can read blogs, check email & Facebook, and lots of other fun things! I still haven't mastered how to do a blog post on it though. And I have to admit that it's got me a little behind schedule with the New Year's Book Club resolution. I know, I know, don't judge! I promise to get back on track!

So anyone out there in the market for a Nook, I highly recommend it!

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