Monday, February 21, 2011

Disney and Dave!

Well, we've made the big decision...that's right, later this year we'll be joining the masses and making the trek to Florida to visit the greatest place on earth...Disneyworld! 

To get the kids excited (and employ a little Dave Ramsey wisdom) we've started saving money for the trip (spending money, for the kids. We already followed Dave's plan to save for the trip - woo hoo!) Anyway, to get a jump start on things, we took a whole lotta cans and bottles in to get the refund money this weekend. We have a 5 cent bottle deposit in Iowa, so usually we end up getting a few bucks every month. It had been a while since we'd taken any cans in, plus we cleaned out Grandma & Grandpa's garage AND Grandpa's office.

The grand total after the weekend's clean-up was $33.95. That's a LOT of cans! Ginny pointed out that we should start drinking soda every day so we can cash in the cans and have more money for Disney. I'm not sure how well that correlates with my new "Food Rules" outlook on life, but she does have a point.  :)

By the way, anyone have an idea what $33.95 will buy at Disney? Maybe a soda?

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  1. Good idea! R. had me write a note and she taped it to her piggy bank that says "Money for Disney World." I haven't even gotten K. to commit and she is ready to go!